a brand, branding, and brand identity
Contrary to popular belief, A brand is much more than a  name and logo, even if its recognizable,
Remember It’s the overall perception of your business. Customers are not only the minds and opinions of a brand they are the bloodline. 
What is Marketing With Out Sales?  a brand only truly exists in the minds of customers.
Everyday your customers go through brand impressions and experiences. consider the experiences your consumers have with your brand and your competition. if you feel theres work to be done to ensure that experience represents your teams envisioned brand identity. JRBA would be happy to assist. 
To build a brand, having an agency that practices the art of branding daily helps tremendously. 
Branding is defined as the actions you take to create a distinctive, memorable brand. As a business owner, it's all the hard work + the desired vision of what success means to you.
Here are a few reasons why branding is so important:
Branding builds customer loyalty and referrals. Sales is the bloodline to your company and customers tend to choose companies they’re familiar with. Word of mouth or Direct marketing is the golden key to any marketing campaign. really its only because people love to tell others about brands they like, referrals generate cash flow.
Branding is your companies beacon that allows  your team to stand out from the competition. There will always be competition. especially in the marketing world. 
Branding builds recognition. A consistent brand helps customers know what to expect every time. People love familiarity. branding is the bridge to your brands familiarity to a consumers mind.
remember they interact different brands. everyday. 
Chic fil a for instance. at one point popeyes and taco bell attempted to replicate the same customer drive through service...we're sure you can guess how that turned out.
Branding helps you create clarity and stay focused. Having a clear brand identity and purpose helps you stay focused on your mission. generating more sales. 
Branding helps you emotionally connect with your consumers . A strong brand identity makes people feel good when they interact with your business. buy your products . and talk about the experience.  remember direct marketing is a golden key to confirmation your brand identity is strong and fluid.
simply put strong branding increases your business’s value. 
Building a strong brand identity
visuals that will make up your brand identity! consists of:
1. A logo
A logo is the face of your brand — it’s the tip of the brand identity iceberg! Consider your audience and what would resonate with them, while effectively communicating who you are and what you do as a business.
When seeking an agency to design your logo, it should be timeless and scalable. while still a representation of you. 
“A logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.” – Paul Rand
2. A color palette
After you have a logo, a strong brand identity consists of a color palette, hiring our agency we'll be able to go over this with you in your brand guidelines!
When thinking about color, it’s good to think of how much of an impact it can have on your brand. Just think of the famous Tiffany Blue: The feelings associated with that shade of blue are often surprise, joy, and awe. Tiffany has done a solid job of incorporating their brand color in their packaging and marketing materials; people often think of the colors when tiffany is mentioned.
the right agency can help you with deciding which colors will convey the feeling you want to communicate. a good creative strategist will have an understanding of color psychology.
Be wise in choosing colors that effectively differentiate your brand from the competition. specific colors are commonly used across industries, such as blue within the finance industry or green for the environment. its good to go over these things with your hired strategist.​​​​​​​
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