Headshots | Event Photography | Personal Branding
Photo packages AS LOW AS $250 | Graphic Designs starting at $125 | Video concepts beginning at $350

Headshots | Event Photography | Commercials | Ads | Webpage Content | Social Media | Press & Media
Standard headshot Session $250 
Just need a simple headshot? This is your first option! We take lots of photos and pick the best of the bunch. Includes one final photo, edited and retouched. 
Additional photos can be purchased for $10/each, retouching included. 
You can always upgrade to the Portfolio Headshot Session on the spot.

Up to 30 minutes of shooting time to get that one great photo. There's usually time for a couple outfit changes, too.

Includes: high-resolution download, post-processing in Photoshop for optimal color, brightness, contrast, clarity, and white-balance. Also, light blemish retouching (if needed) is included.
Portfolio Headshot Session $350
Everything in the Standard Headshot Session plus the digital download of all your best photos (usually 20-40 images).

- 1-3 outfit changes/looks.

-Light blemish retouching for up to 5 images is included.
Additional images can be retouched for $10 each.

-This session is recommended for professionals needing multiple business portraits for their company website, Linkedin, resume, business card, Facebook page, etc.
Extended Photography Session $400​​​​​​​
-60 minutes of shooting time, 
-3-4 outfit changes/looks
-Digital download of all your best photos.
-Light blemish retouching included for up to 7 images. Additional photos can be retouched for $10/each.
Group & Corporate Headshot Sessions
For Your Company & Office
Executive HeadShot Session
15 minute sessions, 1-2 outfits, extensive coaching,
​option for both studio & environmental portraits
For businesses seeking the highest quality 
headshots for their employees. 

-2-5 people -     $200/person
-6-15  people -    $175/person
-16-50 people - $150/person
-51+ people -   $125/person

​-On-location travel & studio setup - $150/day

-Includes multiple looks and all of your best photos in high-resolution. 
-Light blemish retouching and processing for optimal color and clarity is also included for up to 3 images.  Additional photos can be retouched for $10 each.

Brief Headshot Session
1-5 minute sessions, one outfit, basic coaching.
​Perfect for company events or large groups
2-30 people - $100/person
31-50 people - $75/person
51-100  people - $65/person
101-200 people - $55/person
201-300+ people - $50/person

​-On-location travel & studio setup - $150/day

-2 person minimum to qualify - may be combined with Executive Session(s).
-Includes light blemish retouching of each individual's best photo.
-Basic coaching for optimal pose and expression.
-High-res download of each person's best photo via a gallery link. 
-All images are processed and edited for quality exposure, color, and clarity. 
-The best photo is chosen with each individual on the spot.
-5-7 photos are taken per person.
For on-location headshots at your office, please see additional information below regarding delivery, payment, and the studio setup/travel fee.
Commercial | Film Festival | DIVERSITY & INCLUSION
Corporate Videography 
$125/ hour (2hour minimum)
$525.92 Half Day (3-4 hours)​
$852.92 (6hours)
 On-Site rates
For studio reservations $125.92 per hour 
Video Editing
$125.92 per hour
​option for both studio & environmental portraits
*For expedited requests 
additional $85.92 per hour
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